Valore International Educator Exchange Program is an agency that faciliates cultural and educational exchange program through teachers. Our objective is to fullfill the need for highly qualified teachers and promote learning of foreign languages and cultures.

Since its inception, Valore has brought many qualified teachers to the U.S and China. Our program teachers are received very well among students and the community. Students' performance at the participated schools has increased since then.


What schools say

"It is with great pleasure that I write this letter in reference to my experience employing foreign teachers through VALORE INTERNATIONAL EDUCATOR EXCHANGE......All the paperwork required to bring foreign teachers...was fully done for us by VALORE..The process was simple for us and required the much needed knowledge that VALORE provided to us. Our administrators are very pleased with their job performance and enthusiasm for teaching. I believe we made a wise decision in pursuing this venture with the knowledge and expertise that Valore provided. I would highly recommend the assistance of VALORE should you need teachers in the future."

~Judy Collier, Human Resource Personnel~

Reference Letter

"Through our association with Valore International, I have been professionally acquainted regarding the staffing of an international foreign language teacher from Chile. Valore was earnest, resourceful and fulfilled their obligation to our school district. The teacher is both competent and intelligent…The community has received her well. Valore worked diligently with us to meet our needs and requirements for the agreement in a timely manner, I would definitely use their services in the future to address high needed areas that are hard to fill"

~Gary A. Iker, Ed.D-Superintendent~

Reference Letter


"Valore enjoys high prestige and always understands what we need and can select and introduce suitable teacher to us in a short period. Valore devotes to every university and schools and its service is efficient."

~Shirley Gong-Foreign Language Personnel
Nanchang University~


"We really appreciate Valore recommending a great teacher for us. Valore is such a reliable agency that we are looking forward to working with them again."

~Sam Sun-Director
College of Foreign Language Studies Liaoning University~


What Teachers Say

"I would like to state, hereby, that Valore proves itself to be a reliable and an effective organization based on the services that I have been provided. I joined Valore Teacher Exchange Program last year. I have been very impressed by its consistency of good services and reputation through these years. Ever since I joined the program, Valore started providing me with the most update information about the positions available for teachers in different areas of America, put me through with the principles of some schools, followed up the progress for contacting the schools, explained patiently the questions I asked and solved the problems I had in the process of my application for a teacher’s position in USA in time. It is therefore without hesitation that I highly recommend those who want to hunt for a teaching position in USA through Valore because of its good services and its commitment to people who need its help."
Yang Ping from China teaches Chinese at International School of Louisiana

"Valore's program is unique, utterly professional, highly reliable and dependable. It is no exaggeration. Valore made us feel important and protected. Your program is highly recommended. How you worked hard to make sure we are posted to the best schools is very commendable. We are forever grateful to Valore and to you. To us, we feel you over did your work!"

Leonora Lara from Philippines teaches Special Education at South Plaquemines High School

"This year I arrived in America and joined the teaching force of the Plaquemines Parish School System in the State of Louisiana.  This opportunity was made possible through Valore International Education Exchange.  I discovered Valore through a friend who also participates in the program and has a wonderful experience that she refers this program to me.  I am very happy to join Valore program. To fulfill your dream, join Valore International Educator Exchange Program."
Belle Mangco from Philippines teaches Special Education at Phoenix High School

"I am very happy that I am participating in VIEEP teacher program. I was very much impressed by the prompt and quick response from you and timely guidance in all aspects of my transition. I would be definitely recommend this program to not only my friends and colleagues but also to any aspiring international teacher who wants to experience US teaching-learning process. VIEEP program definitely helps teachers in a professional manner to settle in new school. Valore's personal attention  from the moment we apply is highly commendable. There is no doubt to tell from my experience that personal attention given by Valore is going to help teachers to grow professionally. Thank you."
Srinivas Rao Gambhirrao from India teaches Math at Woodville High school