Why should we consider hiring international teachers under your program?

Valore is always devoted to providing quality services to our teachers and schools, and have earned a great reputation for our international teachers exchange program. We have great references that are available upon request. We here at Valore work hard to achieve the goal of promoting culture exchange and improving knowledge through teaching. Our teachers are devoted and passionate about teaching. Many of them come from diverse backgrounds that reflect the current student population in U.S schools and will definitely be an advantage for any school.

Do your teachers have a strong accent?

Our teachers are mainly from China and Philippines. The official language in Philippine is English, they have been taught in English instruction at school and many of them have nearly prefect English. For teachers from China, they have learned English since primary school and are able to speak fluent English. Video/Audio presentation is available for school officials to review during selection process.

What are the risks or benefits of hiring international teachers?

There is NO risk in hiring our international teachers. Our educators can enhance the student’s knowledge on world cultures and learning. In addition, our ESL, Math and Science teachers are reported to vastly improve the students’ learning.

Are teachers currently located in the U.S?

Most of our teachers are located abroad and require visa sponsorship. Valore will provide assistances in obtaining a visa for both the schools and teachers. The school will only need to provide documentation as request. All our teachers can come immediately upon visa is approval.