Teach in USA program is one of exhilarating experience you may have in your life time. Each international faculty can participate in our program for up to three years for visiting visa and 6 years for work visa or longer. Be your culture ambassador and make difference on others.

How Much Do I Get Paid?

Salary is varied from state to state and public to private.

All teachers are required to obtain a teaching license for public schools.

In urban city, salary is generally about $44000-$30000 per year, while is rural area, salary is in range of $29000-$33000 per year or higher depending on location, qualification and experience. The number quoted above is for entry level. Most schools provide a great benefit on insurance, retirement, vacation etc. For details, click here. (Note: the number quoted on the table is AVERAGE, the actual value will reflect on education and qualification.)

Schools in the US generally provide a very good health insurance for its teachers. Our program teachers will get the same benefit as local teachers. If the insurance provided by school is not met the minimum requirement set by the United States Department of State, our program teachers are required to purchase additional coverage by law.

Do I Qualify?

  • Bachelor Degree
  • At least three years of teaching or professional related experience
  • Certified by education bureau of home government
  • Fluent in verbal and written English
  • Love for teaching and understands western culture
  • A good work ethic
  • No criminal record

How it Works?

Once your application is selected by Valore based on above guideline, we will assist you with credentialing. Then we will forward the application to schools for further selection and screening. Once the application is selected by school, an offer of employment from school is issued.

Valore works with our program teachers in every step to ensure you to have wonderful experiences throughout the process. All program teachers will be assisted with visa application and orientation. We also prepare our teachers to get certified if required in that school state before departure or after arrival in the US.

Traveling to other country to work isn’t an easy task. With assistance from Valore, we ensure you will have a smooth transition in the U.S and enjoy your teaching in the school. If you meet the requirement above, why not embrace yourself in the world of adventures and make a difference on other people’s life.

Program member gets assistance in

  • Orientation
  • Relocation
  • Arrival pick up
  • Locating housing
  • Banking
  • Teacher License Processing
  • Obtaining official documents (Social Security Card, Driver's License, etc...
  • Ongoing support for various situations via telelphone, email, etc...
  • Local connection in cultural organization

Frequently Asked Questions!

If you meet above requirement and interested in, we welcome you to join in our program. Submit your application now!

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*Submit a copy of application, video resume, detail CV and teaching license/transcript for full consideration.
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